Music journalists fear rise of ‘new Oasis’

MUSIC historians have warned that conditions in the UK are ripe for the rise of a new Oasis. 

A failing economy, political confusion, youth employment and rising nationalism mean that millions could fall under the sway of an anthemic guitar band promising a return to traditional melodic values.

NME writer Tom Booker said: “All the elements are in place. Low wages, feelings of hopelessness, anonymous dance-pop dominating the charts.

“Within 18 months a bunch of mouthy delinquents, armed with nothing but three chords and two Beatles best-ofs, could be in total command of British culture.

“Unless we act now to provide kids with samplers and educate them about Krautrock and reggaeton at grass roots level, we risk history repeating itself.

He added: “Please. You weren’t there. You don’t know what watching back-to-back gigs at Knebworth was like.

“As a nation, we’ve only just recovered from the terrible self-inflicted wound of Be Here Now. Another one could finish us altogether.”