Nerds fear getting Malcolm Gladwell book for Christmas

NERDS have asked well-meaning relatives not to give them the new Malcolm Gladwell book for Christmas.

Scientists have asked that relatives keep the receipt

Nerds have asked that relatives keep the receipt

The nerds announced that a paperback of David And Goliath would be a worse gift than a Big Bang Theory box set, a Schrödinger’s cat t-shirt or a Dr Dreadful Food Lab edible chemistry set.

Tom Logan, a Physics PhD candidate said “My Mum actually rang me up to tell me about Gladwell’s book. She said ‘It’s about science! You do science!’”

“I’m working on a force and motion project right now, and it would honestly be more helpful if she bought me a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.”

Emma Bradford, the aunt of a computer programmer, said: “Last Christmas we got our nephew a film called Demon Seed about an evil computer that gets Julie Christie pregnant, but I don’t think he liked it that much.

“I thought he might like the Gladwell book because it probably mentions computers and his sort of thing, but he says it’s ‘populist pseudo social science from a media mouthpiece’.

“Maybe it’s about the wrong sort of computers.”

Malcom Gladwell said: “There’s no money at all in writing for the hardcore nerd science market, but once you do a more accessible book their elderly relatives will hear about, you’re quids in.

“I shall be spending Christmas in Antigua, as long as sales projections hold and no-one remembers to ask for gift vouchers.”