New cookery show based on bringing in junk food

A NEW cooking show will see contestants compete by bringing in their favourite junk food.

The BBC said The Great British Junk Food Bring will enable passionate fast food addicts to take part in a ‘cookery’ show.

Producer Donna Sheridan said: “There will still be plenty of drama. Will Ian’s seven-layered Big King Sandwich topple over on the way to the judging table? Will Gillian devour her box of 20 McNuggets before the judges get a chance to taste them?

“These are people who love food, but have chosen to live their lives free of cutlery.”

Contestant Tom Logan said: “I’ve pulled out all the stops with my Domino’s 12-inch Mighty Meaty by ordering potato wedges and Chicken Strippers on the side, as well as a bottle of Dr Pepper and a bottle of Sprite.

“I’m up against a lovely woman called Sue who brought in a 14-piece KFC bucket with loads of extra sachets of salt, which I thought was a clever touch.”

He added: “There’s also a guy who brought a Happy Meal with a rare Finding Nemo toy, which I think is cheating because he’s a trained McDonald’s server with two stars.”