Saturday, 8th May 2021

Parents relieved as Peppa Pig release six-week long episode

PARENTS of young children on their summer holidays have welcomed a new episode of Peppa Pig that runs continuously for 42 days.

From now on children can be placed in front of the 1008-hour episode and when the credits roll it will be time for them to return to education.

TV executive Nathan Muir said: “It’s got all the splashing in muddy puddles stuff kids love but with this longer format we got the chance to really explore character.

“Peppa is psychologically more complex than we’d previously imagined, searching for meaning in her porcine life that leads to her spending 200 hours in a silent Buddhist retreat – something I’m sure every parent will approve of.

“More importantly, your kids will be aware of nothing else for six weeks and you can get on with your own lives. Just remember to leave a few bowls of crisps near the TV each day or they might die.”

Mum Donna Sheridan said: “The new Peppa is excellent. You can go to work, have an affair, do some late-night shopping and when you get back the kids are exactly where they were.

“I also appreciated all the new storylines to fill the running time, such as Daddy Pig getting tired of being mocked as an obese klutz, getting a tattoo and shagging Miss Rabbit.”

Muir added: “We’re currently developing a ‘mega-max’ Peppa episode lasting 16 years. You can plonk your child in front of it when they’re two, and when it finishes they’re ready to leave home.”