Saturday, 8th May 2021

Band's Wikipedia page obviously written by band

IT is extremely obvious that a band’s Wikipedia page was written by them, sources have confirmed. 

The page for unknown Leicester-based group The Town Liars describes them as an “up and coming indie-folk band who ar gonna [sic] be huge by 2020!”, something that is patently untrue. 

People close to the band - who mostly agree they are pretty sh*t - have intimated that this is just the first of many clues.

Friend of the band Martin Bishop said: “As well as all the weird typos it’s packed full of bullsh*t. 

“At one point it says ‘leading critics from London say they are at least as good as Mumford and Sons, and probably better’. But then it says ‘citation needed’.

“They’re acting like the Wikipedia page just appeared, but no one would know that the bassist works in Wetherspoons apart from them.”

Singer Julian Cook said: “It’s pretty cool that we’re on Wikipedia now. I reckon it must have been written by a proper music journalist because they knew I won the swimming competition in Year 9.”