People boycotting Peter Rabbit ‘should probably avoid’ Watership Down

ANYONE offended by the new Peter Rabbit film should give Watership Down a miss, rabbits have confirmed.

The new film depicts a rabbit being bullied for being allergic to blueberries, but wild rabbits stressed the 1978 animated film was a ‘slightly more authentic experience’.

Martin Bishop, a rabbit from Hertfordshire, said: “It’s sad to see a rabbit being bullied for any reason, including being allergic to blueberries.

“But it’s not quite as bad as seeing them froth at the mouth and attack their friends in a violent, blood-fuelled rage – but I guess you’ll just have to find that out by watching it.

“Oh and the bit where they get attacked by ravenous wilds dogs, that’s not very cute either.

“Anyway, sleep tight, kiddywinks.”

Rabbit and cinemagoer, Emma Bradford, added: “It’s like someone who has never seen Goodfellas complaining about the violence in Bugsy Malone.”