Pirates of the Caribbean 5 ‘accurately depicts tedium of 18th century sea travel’

THE latest Pirates of the Caribbean film has been praised for recreating the boredom and restlessness of 18th Century sea voyages.

Historians confirmed that Dead Men Tell No Tales gives a genuine sense of what it was like to spend months at sea with nothing of interest happening.

Naval historian Roy Hobbs said: “With nothing to do except check rigging or play cards, sailors would often go to sleep just to kill time, which is exactly what I did halfway through. It’s less of a film than an interactive history experience.

“On deck they would have constantly talked shit to stop themselves going mad from staring at miles of featureless ocean.

“It’s incredibly brave of Disney to opt for a realistic approach when they could have made a highly lucrative film that people really enjoyed, like the first one.”

Cinemagoer Nikki Hollis said: “It’s all superhero films at the moment so it’s great to see some gritty realism. I expect in the next one Captain Jack will do an inventory of the biscuit rations and dried meat.”