‘Piss off, you hipster git’ says Mary Berry

BRITAIN cheered last night as Mary Berry told a hipster to get the hell off her television programme.

The veteran cake goddess exploded with rage after the hipster presented her with a bin bag full of baked Alaskan failure.

Berry shouted: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? This is my house and I will kick your arse.

“If your baked Alaska failed then you present it to me on a plate – like a man.”

The hipster tried to defend himself claiming his pudding was sabotaged by a maniac, but Berry responded by throwing a heavy spoon at his big, bearded face.

As Bake-Off presenters Mel and Sue bayed for the hipster’s blood, Berry added: “Take your bin bag and piss off back to Hoxton, you pop-up twat.”