Planet Earth II viewers demand legal system for animals

PLANET Earth II viewers have demanded that animals get their own criminal justice system to stop them doing horrible things.

After the wildlife documentary showed snakes trying to kill a baby iguana, many Britons now believe animals need their own laws and a police force.

Administrator Nikki Hollis said: “These snakes are doing the most horrific things without the slightest fear of being arrested and punished.

“Animals need to realise they won’t be safe until they have laws and enforce them. Gorillas could be the police, because they’re massive and won’t put up with any nonsense, and wise animals like owls could be judges.

“Criminal animals will soon get the message once a few are sentenced to life for murder. Obviously animals don’t have prisons yet but I’m sure the monkeys could build cages.”

Graphic designer Tom Logan said: “After seeing the extent of lawlessness in the animal kingdom I think we need to get the human courts involved.

“The conviction rate will be high because most animals make no attempt to hide their crimes, leaving a wealth of DNA and video evidence.

“We also need an emergency rescue service for baby penguins, because that episode of Life in the Freezer made me blub in front of my mates.”