Friday, 4th December 2020

Seemingly perfect boyfriend watches Question of Sport

A BOYFRIEND who appeared to be perfect in every way enjoys watching A Question of Sport, it has emerged.

Nikki Hollis thought her handsome, kind and funny partner Joe Turner was too good to be true, and her suspicions were confirmed when he switched over to watch the light-hearted quiz show hosted by Sue Barker.

Hollis said: “At first I thought it was some kind of joke. Then I asked if it was a repeat because they can’t still be making this incredibly boring and annoyingly matey programme, surely?

“Joe informed me it was the world’s longest-running TV sports quiz, as if that meant anything. Then he politely asked me to be quiet so he could listen to the exhausting banter exchanged by team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell.

“I tried to get into it. Good relationships are all about compromise and discovery after all. But by the time it got to the Mystery Guest Round my love for him had completely gone.

“As he sat watching the closing credits I hastily packed some stuff and snuck out the back door. I didn’t have time to leave a note, but I hope one day he’ll understand.”