Sex and The City sequel with just Samantha way better

A SEX and The City sequel with only Kim Cattrall begins on a rival channel tonight and is shitloads better than the other one. 

Sexagenarian follows the only fun one out of the four as she leaves all that up-itself Manhattan bullshit behind along with her dull former friends, moves to London and shags wildly around on drugs just like the locals do. 

Viewer Carolyn Ryan said: “Wow. Those other three really held the show back. 

“Now Samantha’s centre stage it’s just one big quipping f**kathon without any dull banging on about shoes or lying face-down on a bed typing on a MacBook. It’s raw, explicit and far funnier. 

“While they’re all arsing around learning about wokeness Samantha’s dating her way through a multi-racial non-binary pansexual scene and loving it. And they all love her because she was always basically a drag queen anyway. 

“Apparently some depressing shit’s happening in the other one. Sounds unwatchable. In this one, Samantha’s cheating on her main six-way polycule with a different six-way polycule and hoping neither one finds out.

“Did the other show think ‘the City’ was the important bit? Not the ‘Sex’?”

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Could you survive five minutes in Boris Johnson's f**king nightmare life?

BESET by scandals, with a one-year-old and a newborn and no f**king money; Boris Johnson’s life is a self-made nightmare. Could you survive it? Play our interactive game.

1. You wake up to the sound of screaming. It turns out to be the new baby, the one-year-old, the new wife and a press secretary, all in concert. Which do you deal with first?

Go to 2 for your family or 3 for your work responsibilities.

2. Carrie, with a baby in her arms and a child trailing behind her, is demanding you hire another two nannies as back-up for your current nanny, and adds you need a new £16,500 vintage velvet sofa as Wilfred has been sick on it.

To disagree, go to 4. To agree, go to 5

3. Your press secretary informs you that your press chief has been outed for giving out awards at the Christmas party you’re still denying happened. 

To fire him, go to 6. To come clean and admit there was a party, go to 7

4. Carrie coldly informs you that she gets what she f**king wants or she goes to the press, and that your entire office is run by her mates. Weakly, you agree. Go to 5.

5. After agreeing to the expenditure you realise that, because of alimony and childcare and your profligate lifestyle and paying off the last nanny who you titted up, you are f**ked for cash. How will you pay for it?

To finish your Shakespeare book, go to 8. To call a Tory donor, go to 9

6. Your press chief tells you that if fired he will release full details of all six parties held, all illegal promises made to donors, and security film of you titting up a nanny on the stairs. You agree to take full responsibility. Go to 7. 

7. Deciding that you’ll get away with it you turn on the old Boris charm, admit there was a party, offer a full and humorous apology, and wait for the press and public’s forgiveness. They agree you should resign immediately. 

To brazen it out, go to 10. To resign, go to 11

8. You open the file ‘Boris Shakespeare book’ to find it is only 600 words long and all of them are bollocks written while drunk on Chablis. Exhausted at the thought of actual work, you call a Tory donor instead. Go to 9. 

9. You call a donor to beg for a few grand, offering him the NHS in return. He responds that he has already paid £52,000 for gold wallpaper, never got the Isle of Wight as promised, and has gone to the press. Go to 10 to face the music. 

10. The media has turned on you, there is a new scandal every day, your own party is openly discussing your replacement and you are thoroughly miserable. The Sun’s headline tomorrow is ‘DICKLESS WONDER BOLLOCKSES UP CHRISTMAS’ over your face in clown make-up on a dog’s body. You decide to resign. Go to 11. 

11.The Queen refuses to accept your resignation until you fix the ‘complete balls-up you have made of my country’. You trudge back to Downing Street to continue life in your own personal hell. 

Congratulations! You have made it through a day being Boris. Another one tomorrow.