Monday, 10th May 2021

Six shite quizzes to clog up everyone's social media

WANT to clog up everyone’s feeds with self-absorbed time-wasting? Here are six pieces of crap you can share today:

Which star did YOU resemble in the Eighties?

After a solid half-hour trawling your hard drive for photos that the algorithm doesn’t spit out as Leo Sayer, you find a picture from 2006 that apparently resembles Jennifer Aniston and proudly post. Nobody is fooled for even a second.

Are you in the top 5 per cent of clever people? Only one in 20 of your friends passed this IQ test…

If that’s true then your friends are thicker than a Texan’s turd because this is piss-easy.

You definitely don’t know the meaning of these six words! Those that do have the highest IQ in the UK.

Again? That site is now playing you with cheap reverse psychology. It says underneath you have an IQ of 170. Perhaps get a second opinion before writing to NASA.

What does your name mean?

You’ve posted your unfeasibly flattering results in full, so people will nod and murmur ‘Yes, Sophie really is a gentle goddess, with the heart of a lion. I should know, I used to work with her.’

‘Being you’ challenge! Share 10 photos, one each day, that describe what it’s like to be you. No explanation, just a picture.

Imagine doing this with actual photographs. Imagine how ashamed you’d be by day five passing around the tawdry photos of your crappy life.

This is so funny!!! Don’t cheat!! You have to do this!

Follow these random but annoyingly complex instructions to get a pointless fake list of who amongst your friends you would take on holiday, who would get the most drunk and who would rather be punched in the face than suffer another one of these posts.