Take Me Out contestant suspected of judging on looks

A MALE contestant on last night’s Take Me Out is suspected of choosing his date not on personality but on physical appearance.

Nathan Muir, a 24-year-old spot-welder from Bolton, paid little attention to the banter between the girls and Paddy McGuinness and made his final selection based purely on looks.

A chastened McGuinness said: “I am disgusted. Take Me Out is an attempt to engineer a meeting of minds, not some tawdry carnival sideshow where bodies are auctioned like meat.

“This is one occasion where we should not have, as I said last night in words that have come back to haunt me, ‘let the lemming see the cliff.’”

Muir’s date ended when he proved determined to go in for a kiss regardless of several compatibility issues that had arisen during the couple’s jetskiing trip.

Date Donna Sheridan said: “I realised that he wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship and was instead after a quick grope behind the palm trees.

“Apparently they don’t take well to that kind of thing on the Isle of Fernando, and before I could finish my caipirinha he was being burned alive in a giant wicker donkey.”