Friday, 28th February 2020

Teenagers marvel as dad recalls putting on album and listening all the way through

TWO teenagers are finding it hard to believe their father would put on LPs and give them his undivided attention all the way through.

Martin Bishop’s sons were sceptical that someone would listen to a record for 30 minutes then turn it over and do the same again without a mobile phone to break up the tedium.

Bishop said: “They couldn’t imagine listening to music without checking your phone messages, although in 1984 I’d have had to go into the hall where the answering machine was.

“They were also confused by not having Instagram or Facebook to distract you. But again, that would have meant taking a Polaroid image of my dinner or whatever and pinning it on a public noticeboard.”

When Bishop’s sons asked him to prove he was not making it up, he demonstrated by putting on the Beatles’ Revolver album. After just two minutes of ‘Taxman’, they were convinced.

John Bishop, 17, said: “It’s amazing. It’s like hearing these stories of people holding their breath for 20 minutes, or sitting on top of a pole just for the sheer test of endurance.”

Bishop added: “I really miss sitting down and listening to records. Although considering most of the albums I used to buy were full of second-rate filler, thank fuck for iTunes.”