Travis Bickle, and other psychopathic dickheads from films men put up posters of

DOES your partner think the unstable nutjob from Taxi Driver is a deeply cool guy? He really wasn’t, along with these much-admired film psychos.

Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver

Your boyfriend is really keen for you to admire Travis, a gun-obsessed loner with a shaky grasp on reality. When you question whether a violent murderer whose solution to problems is a chaotic bloodbath is the ideal role model, he gets in a huff and stomps off upstairs. Don’t worry – he’s not about to leave you for a Cybill Shepherd lookalike. He’d balls it up like Travis anyway.

Tyler Durden from Fight Club

Like weedy Ed Norton, your boyfriend adores Tyler Durden because he wishes he was him: clever, witty, gutsy and handsome. Yes, he’s also violently opposed to modern society but that just makes him even better. What your boyfriend doesn’t like, though, is when you agree Tyler is very sexy and mutter ‘Wouldn’t kick him out of bed’. Then he becomes all sensible and says you can’t just go around blowing up the Natwest willy-nilly.

Arthur Fleck from The Joker

Your boyfriend thinks Arthur is a misunderstood man driven to violence by the cruel, uncaring society he has to exist in. You think he’s a pathetic incel who should get a f**king grip and stop being such a self-pitying loser. When your boyfriend realises this is your opinion he changes his tune, because the risk of being dumped and the word ‘incel’ make him very scared indeed.

Alex from A Clockwork Orange

The poster for A Clockwork Orange has been proudly displayed on your boyfriend’s wall since his student days. When you ask him why he, a grown man, has got a massive picture of a violent rapist wearing a silly bowler hat on his wall he mutters something about the importance of free will being fundamental to mankind. It’s gone the next time you go round.

Tony Montana from Scarface

Your boyfriend is at great pains to present himself as an ideal life partner and yet he idolises a coke-addled criminal so much that he has a poster of him firing a grenade launcher-equipped M16 on the wall. When you mention that’s a bit weird, he reminds you about the Michael Jackson poster you refused to take down for years, so you decide to let it go.

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Hardcore Tory still trying to blame all this on immigrants

A DIEHARD Tory is struggling to blame every aspect of yesterday’s tax-raising, service-cutting Autumn Statement on immigration.

Steve Malley remains convinced that the reason he is paying more tax for less is migrants, not 12 years of Tory government, Brexit or various world crises, and is coming up with imaginative explanations as to why.

He said: “First of all, council tax rises, that’s from putting them up in four-star hotels, innit? Though that wouldn’t explain rises in say, Redcar, where they’re not exactly flooding in.

“And minimum wage going up, well they’ve all got three wives haven’t they? Then again that assumes they’re working. No, they’re all living it up on benefits, so that’s why they’re being increased. Disgusting.

“The dropping of the threshold for 45p tax, that’s for… their overpaid, public sector diversity officers maybe? Same for cuts to tax-free dividend allowances. The council gives them shares in wokeness.

“NHS funding’s up because it’s on its knees, because they all come over here riddled with disease, don’t they? While being perfectly healthy Albanian men who aren’t in any danger at home.

“So in conclusion, it’s all the fault of these illegal immigrants who I voted Tory and Brexit to stop and who there’s more of than ever. 

“It has to be their fault. It can’t be my fault.”