Viral captures awkward kiss on cheek after business meeting

AN online video showing a man and a woman unsure how to end a work meeting has gone viral.

The Farewell has become a Youtube sensation, with white-collar viewers relating to uncertainty about whether a single kiss on the cheek, double kiss or handshake is more appropriate in a business context.

The two-minute film shows the end of a real work meeting between 31-year-old Tom Logan and Emma Bradford at a garage doors company.

Logan said: “After a handshake at the start of the meeting, we discussed different types of weather-resistant paint.

“However we got along quite well, with at least five minutes’ small talk covering travel, the weather and annoying expenses forms.

“I thought we’d end things with a brief peck as I didn’t want to seem too old-fashioned. But god, there’s no manual for these things.”

Emma Bradford said: “I stuck my hand out but he just lunged. It was so weird, he got some dribble on the side of my face.”

29-year-old YouTuber Stephen Malley said: “It really moved me, I work for a marketing company where I have to meet female clients all the time.

“Throughout the meetings I’m like, ‘How am I going to end this? What if I go for the kiss and she goes for the shake, or worse still I go for the double kiss and inadvertently land her a smacker on the lips, like I love her?”

“That is literally all I think about at work.”

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Ban on ads ordering parents to ram junk food into their children 24 hours a day

ADVERTS which give parents no choice but to pump their children full of sugar and fat 24 hours a day are to be banned.

The adverts have been criticised for using tactics such as death threats and sexual blackmail to ensure that parents feed their children as badly as possible.

Martin Bishop, a health campaigner, said: “If it was just colourful, playful images of the food, accompanied by jaunty music, then it would be fine as most parents would say, ‘that looks unhealthy so it should only be a very occasional treat’.

“But it’s simply not fair to flash messages across the screen such as ‘we will tamper with your car’ and ‘we know about the golden showers’.

“And then there’s the pre-watershed burger advert with the slogan ‘if your parents don’t buy you one, set fire to the house’.”

Emma Bradford, a mother of two from Stevenage, said: “Last Tuesday I forgot to buy a bag of random animal parts for my babies. I swear to God I just forgot, I wasn’t trying to be difficult.

“I’m now in that horrible limbo, waiting for a McDonalds hitman to put a bullet through my forehead.”

Nathan Muir, a father of three from Peterborough, said: “Perhaps they could also ban the junk food adverts that are set on a lovely farm. They are worse than death.”