Watch The Handmaid’s Tale and get back to us, DUP tells May

THE DUP has advised the prime minister to watch The Handmaid’s Tale as it pretty much explains where they are coming from.

As negotiations between Theresa May and the Democratic Unionist Party continue, the party urged May to watch the television series about a fundamentalist society in which women have no rights, power or freedom.

The spokesperson said: “Women being reduced to enslaved baby-making machines? Yes please!

“Although some aspects of the show’s God-bothering military dictatorship are a bit liberal for our tastes, it’s not a bad start.

“There’s quite a lot of nudity, but that’s fine if it is for educational purposes.”

Negotiators also advised May to watch a series of conspiracy videos on YouTube to explain their position on climate change.

The 1984 classic Footloose was also recommended, highlighting the party’s hope of eventually outlawing all music, dancing and fun.