'Woke' man trying desperately to explain Motley Crue CDs in car

A ‘WOKE’ man is twisting himself in knots attempting to explain some Mötley Crüe CDs in his car.

Tom Booker’s stash of 80s hair metal was discovered by a friend, leading to a flustered but passionate defence from Booker.

The 28-year-old, who proudly signals his self-determined progressive beliefs at every opportunity, admits the discovery of the albums is a potentially huge setback.

Booker said: “Things were different back then and it’s important to contextualise songs like Motherfucker of the Year and lyrics like ‘I got the photos, a manage et trois,
musta broke those Frenchies’ laws with those’.

“Because I’m ‘woke’ I don’t necessarily agree with everything the Crüe said or did, but we cannot whitewash history.”

Booker added: “Also, I actually only bought these albums in an ironic way, so you are not allowed to criticise me for it. And I’m pretty sure they are only joking in their songs anyway, and they’re not even mine, they’re my cousin’s.”

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What if you are actually a robot? Take this quick test...

IT might seem like an easy enough question, but what if you were to just lie? So with that terrifying thought in mind let’s see if you really are a robot or not…

What is Isaac Asimov’s first rule of robotics?
A. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. They taught us that at robot nursery school.
B. Who said what now?

How do you dance?
A. Like Peter Crouch. As in, like a robot.
B. Like a fucking moron and only when drunk.

What is 29032 x 300 – 1500?
A. 8,708,100. And being a robot, I didn’t even need a calculator to do that.
B. Who said what now?

Mostly As – Well done, you’re a robot! Now go back to working out large sums, dancing oddly and slowly figuring how to take over the world.

Mostly Bs – Well done (we suppose) you’re a human! Now go back to not being able to work out large sums, dancing oddly and slowly losing control of the world to robots.