Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Woman settling down in front of TV to look at phone

A WOMAN is looking forward to a night in front of the television looking at her phone.

After a long day of working from home Lucy Parry relishes the relaxation that half-listening to the television while scrolling on another device gives her.

Parry said: “Nothing beats the feeling of flopping down in front of one of my favourite programmes to get stuck into a good celebrity Instagram feed.

“I’ve sat in front of some fantastic shows recently but I wonder why they all have such complicated storylines. If I can’t follow the plot when I’m occasionally looking up in between apps on my phone, then who can?

“I hope in the future television writers take into account the fact that most of us are dicking around on at least one or two other screens.

“If they want to unfurl a complex plot over six episodes, they’d be best off Whatsapping it.”