All chip shops lying about being world-famous

NO chip shop is world-famous, it has been confirmed.

Despite many chip shops claiming to be ‘world-famous’, researchers found that not one single fish and chip outlet is nearly as well-known as Frank Sinatra or the Eiffel Tower.

Bedford Chip shop proprietor Bill McKay said: “We claim we’re world-famous because David Hasselhoff once came in and drunkenly asked for directions to somewhere else.

“We got a picture of the back of his head which we have given pride of place behind the counter.

“Everyone asks about it, not least David himself when he came back in the night after to apologise for his behaviour and ask if anyone had picked up his phone.”

The Ocean Catch in Stevenage was also claiming global fame on its menu leaflets until they realised that everyone photographed on their ‘celebrity customer wall’ was currently under investigation by the police.

Owner Mary Fisher said: “It just makes the place look a bit infamous, like they were using it as somewhere to meet or something.”