Boss describes minor work problem as ‘the perfect storm’

THE boss of a small business has compared a minor staffing issue to a terrifying maritime disaster, it has emerged.

Tom Logan told staff at Apex Recruitment Solutions of Derby that being short-staffed in April was like an incredibly fierce hurricane that tosses ships around as if they were toys.

Colleague Nikki Hollis said: “Tom said the combination of Sally being on maternity leave, Pete going to Disney World and Elaine being at a conference in Dorking would be ‘the perfect storm’.

“I think he might be a bit melodramatic. When I suggested getting a temp in to cover the phones for a fortnight he just looked grim and said, ‘no, that will never work.’

“I do feel it’s a bit disrespectful to sailors, because in an actual perfect storm you’d be more concerned about staying alive rather than working till 7.30pm.”

Logan said: “If we only have lunch at our desks, we stand a slim chance of ‘riding the storm’.

“It’s like the time we got to a recruitment fair at the NEC four hours late because Pete’s car broke down at Tamworth. That was World War Three.”