Bovis homes turning up in TK Maxx

A NUMBER of Bovis houses have appeared on shelves at TK Maxx after recent damage to the brand. 

The homes, which range from two-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom detached houses, are in the store’s Home section and are heavily discounted from their original asking price. 

Shopper Francesca Ryan said: “They looked great at first and I thought I’d come across a real bargain. For that price I was going to get two and worry about what to do with them later. 

“But when you looked closely the build quality really wasn’t great and they were weirdly put-together; stairs in the dining rooms, back doors at the sides. Some of the en-suites just had three toilets in and nothing else. 

“I soon realised these were end-of-the-line houses they’d unloaded at discount. If I bought one I’d never use it and eventually give it to a charity shop, like that green Miu Miu dress. 

“So I just left the one I’d picked up on the floor by the handbags. Someone else can put it back.”