'Crowd-funding' site connects dickheads with idiots

A NEW ‘crowd-funding’ website, wankerschemes.com, allows dickheads with stupid ideas to get money from idiots.

The wankerschemes.com site is already awash with infuriating ‘creative’ business ideas, from selling ‘contemporary lemonade’ out of a WW2 Sherman Tank, to a post-apocalyptic tea room run by otters.

A wankerschemes.com spokesman said: “When you put dickheads and gullible idiots together, something magical happens – an exchange of money.

“We’re showcasing the facile, pretentious, economically-absurd ideas of a new generation of knob-ends.

“People who can’t get money from conventional banks because their schemes are fucking ridiculous and also they’re 35 and still live with their mum.”

Utter dickhead Julian Cook, who prefers to be called ‘Chip’, is pitching for £350,000,000 to fire a cheesecake into space.

He said: “My business Space Cheesecake is a radical vision of pointlessness. I haven’t finished writing the sales spiel yet but it will mention ‘eco-powered’, ‘interactive’ and use the phrase ‘above all, it’s about fun’.

“I’m also pitching an idea where money gets liquified in a special blender, I then drink it and literally piss it away.”



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Pippa Middleton presents Copulate

The Daily Mash presents an exclusive extract from Pippa Middleton’s new book Copulate, an unpretentious guide to organising a night of perfect intercourse.

Sex, also known as porking, rodding or boning, is such good fun. I learned about it in the kitchen of my local pub, and after years of practice I am now regularly complimented on my technique.

To begin, take off all your clothes

When I’m in an older, draughtier house like Buckingham palace, I usually leave on my fleece gilet for an alluring yet practical look. (Top tip – fold clothes neatly and place in a Waitrose bag to avoid problems with wayward bodily fluids.)

Invite one or more friends over

The best way to do this is by telephone. However, if you wish to request sex from more than one person, why not compose a text that can be sent to all the people in your contacts list. Be careful you don’t accidentally send it to Prince Philip.

Now you’re ready to have sexual intercourse! 

Where you have your sex is entirely up to you. Many people say the most comfortable place is the bed, but I have it on good authority that private jets, party shops and state rooms are also suitable. If you’re intercoursing on the carpet, perhaps put down a plastic sheet.

A handful of swan fat can help things go smoothly

Alternatively, in the event of discomfort just focus on naming all the old members of your lacrosse team. Do this in your head  – your male sex partner will be quite alarmed if they hear you calling him Muffy and Bitsy! (Top tip – a napkin ring can be used to sustain engorgement.)

When your intercourse partner says “ummmmarrghhh! uunnnnngggg!” you have completed your sex

When finished, thank your partner. It’s traditional to give them a kiss on the cheek. Alternately, the Party Pieces website has lots of post-sex gift ideas – perhaps a tablecloth or a thoughtful ‘Thanks for the Sex’ card. Once the sex has ended, you can ask your partner if they’d like to schedule some more intercourse at a later date, but this is not a social necessity.