Thursday, 13th May 2021

Debenhams closure may leave airports only place men can try on aftershave

THE threatened closure of Debenhams would leave men only able to find out which aftershave they prefer at airports. 

The department store, which went into administration yesterday, has long been men’s favourite high street shop to wander through on the way to the shopping centre from the car park and try a squirt of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus.

Bill McKay of Reading said: “It’s such a tragic loss to the high street, that I won’t be walking down it smelling nice anymore.

“Thing is, choose aftershave just on the basis of Johnny Depp scowling at a spiky black tree and often it’s not great. But now to do otherwise I’ll need at least a domestic flight.

“Boots has them, I suppose, but whenever I go in there the wife’s furious I didn’t take her Advantage card and John Lewis is too overwhelming to the senses to add scent as well.

“Debenhams could carry on under Sports Direct, but then all it’ll have is knock-off fragrances called things like Army Man, Darknet and Obama.”

He added: “I’ll just have to stink a bit.”