Wednesday, 12th May 2021

Dashboard warning light ignored for second year

A WARNING light on a car’s dashboard has now been safely ignored for two whole years, its owner has confirmed. 

Stephen Malley first paid no attention to the light in his Fiat Punto in 2017 and has since driven more than 18,000 miles without it making any difference whatsoever.

He said: “I’m not sure what it’s meant to warn of, given that it looks like sort of an electricity pylon with a shoe on top.

“Sometimes it’s green, mostly it’s orange, occasionally it’s red and though it flickers from time to time it’s always reassuringly there, keeping me company on long night drives.

“In theory I should get it checked out, but given the length of time it’s been on without anything bad happening it might as well be a thumbs-up telling me everything on the car’s working just fine.

“Besides I’d miss it if it went off. I’d be uneasy.”

A spokesperson for the Motor Vehicle Repairers Association said: “Ignoring a warning light is dangerous. Drivers should go directly to their local garage to be charged two weeks’ wages for it to be turned off.”