Two grown men high-five each other in public

A PAIR of adult men have high-fived each other in a cafe seemingly without either irony of self-consciousness, witnesses have confirmed. 

The men, who were seated together drinking coffee, apparently reached a point in their conversation where it became necessary to physically affirm their shared positive feelings about a particular situation.

Helen Archer said: “The one guy put his hand up. I thought he was rudely summoning a waitress but it turned out to be much, much worse.

“He made a ‘don’t leave me hanging’ gesture with his eyes and his friend gave him the full high-five, like two eight-year-olds who’d just pranked a classmate.

“The reverberating cringe around the room, which they were oblivious to, left us all searching for answers. Were they joking? Were they foreign?

“But no, it seemed they were two adult British men who chose to celebrate agreement by performing a gesture already outdated when The A-Team was cancelled. Sickening.”

High-fiver Tom Logan said: “Come on, Steve scored with that girl from the gym. How is that not a high-five moment?”