Angry greased python easier to dress than toddler

PUTTING clothes on a toddler is more difficult than putting them on a large slippery snake, experts have confirmed.

Researchers found that wrestling a 12ft Burmese python into a Peppa Pig T-shirt, joggers, socks and a pair of velcro-fastening shoes was far easier than doing the same with even the most co-operative two-year-old.

Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said: “Scientifically toddlers are weaker and clumsier than adult humans, but become a roiling mass of muscle and agility whenever approached article of clothing.

“Especially hats. We found that we could make the python wear a sun hat for 15 seconds and a child for just 8.2, even though snakes haven’t even got ears to stop hats falling off. And it looked cuter.”

Mother-of-two Nikki Hollis said: “I don’t dress them anymore. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

“They wear what they like. And once you get used to being in Sainsbury’s with one kid in a tablecloth and the other dressed as Chase from Paw Patrol, you’d be surprised at how many others there are.”



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How to comment on Mail Online

ARE you unsure how to jump into commenting in the bearpit of vicious invective that is the Daily Mail’s website? Here’s how: 

Coherence is for lefties

Instead of taking the extra seconds to make your point clear, take a scattershot approach bringing in Corbyn, Churchill, Kourtney Kardashian, what your mate told you about wind turbines and CBeebies liberal bias.

Hate everything

Mail Online comments are basically an online therapy session for life’s losers, so vent your bitterness against everything. If a cute kitten has been given a prosthetic leg, ask why the limb wasn’t given to a British soldier maimed in ‘one of Tony B Liar’s wars’.

Keep your views just to the right of Hitler

Don’t just be a suburban fascist. Instead come at issues from a weird ultra-right perspective utterly divorced from reality, for example calling Tory chancellor Philip Hammond a ‘hard-left Fidel Castro communist’.

Make the old ‘Who?’ joke

Prove just how reactionary you are by pretending to be ignorant of globally famous figures such as Taylor Swift by commenting ‘Who?’ like a High Court judge in the 1960s. Extra points if you only do it to women.

Bring your personal bugbear into everything

Against the EU? Well, that’s germane to Brexit, Harry and Meghan, Easter eggs, Holly Willoughby’s diet news, a viral cip of a lizard in a bowling alley and a scare scory about building society interest rates. Get it on.

Stupidly-punctuated racism

If you’re slagging Muslims – it’s always Muslims – use punctuation to confuse software filtering out racism, eg ‘M.u.S – li .ms’. Much as Germans in the 1930s  would write to Der Sturmer about ‘d-i.e J_u_den’.