Government really sticking up for the little guy, say morons

VAGUE plans to discuss bosses’ pay prove the Tory government is on the side of ordinary people, idiots believe.

People who are basically cattle have praised Theresa May’s transparent attempt to exploit public resentment over executive salaries without actually doing anything.

Office worker Nikki Hollis said: “In the future companies might have to publish what bosses earn compared to ordinary staff, or they might not. That’s shown the greedy bastards.

“I’ll definitely be voting for her at the next election rather than some weirdo like Corbyn who keeps going on about trade unions and the minimum wage.”

Gas fitter Roy Hobbs said: “I’m glad the government’s taking decisive action with a consultation that might lead to guidelines or something, assuming they don’t just forget about it.

“Theresa’s clearly on the side of ordinary folks because she didn’t go to Eton, which makes total sense if you have a simplistic view of the world like me.

“I hope they say something about big companies and tax next.”