Thursday, 13th May 2021

High-achieving woman has strict morning routine and shitloads of money

A WOMAN who credits her success to her disciplined morning routine somehow neglects to mention the fact she inherited £3.2m aged 21.

Francesca Johnson insists that getting up at 5am for an hour’s meditation before a 45-minute vigorous workout with her personal trainer is what built her extensive property empire, even though she began with half of it already.

She said: “After exercise I drink a mineral-enhanced organic protein smoothie and take my balancing supplements. Without them, and my cousin Atalanta who manages a Russian hedge fund, I wouldn’t have made so much of myself.

“Then I pop the kids in the Range Rover and drop them at their pre-school tennis tutoring, before heading to a 9am in Chelsea at our new office, planning permission for which was waved through by another cousin. A different one.

“I honestly believe it’s sticking to this rigorous routine that’s made me the high-flyer I am. Anyone starting their day with Frosties and Good Morning Britain is destined for failure.”

Johnson’s personal assistant Nikki Hollis said: “The only thing that makes spending every working hour with Francesca halfway bearable is a big bowl of Frosties.”