Japanese car companies admit pulling out of UK is scare story and true story

JAPANESE car companies will pull out of the UK if there is a no-deal Brexit, but admitted that must be really scary.

Honda and Nissan confirmed they will find it difficult to make cars if a no-deal Brexit means they do not have the parts they need to make the cars.

A Honda spokesman said: “There’s not much point in trying to sell cars that don’t have steering wheels, so we’ll probably have to move somewhere else.”

But failed Brexit secretary David Davis said: “No you won’t’.”

The Honda spokesman added: “Yes we will, we’ve just said so.”

Davis insisted: “No, you won’t. You’’re just trying to scare people.”

The spokesman said: “We’’re not actually trying to scare people, we’’re running a business. But if people are scared, it’’s probably because it’’s a bit scary.

“Because it’’s true.”

Davis then accused the spokesman of working for the Belgian secret service before producing an ‘incriminating dossier’ consisting of random cuttings from local newspapers.

The Honda spokesman said: “Are you okay?”