Londoner bewildered by laptop-free cafe

A LONDONER visiting a Costa Coffee in Stoke-on-Trent cannot understand where all the laptops have gone.

Nathan Muir of Crouch End who was in the Potteries on business visited the cafe to get some work done but was astonished to find, instead of serried ranks of silent headphone-wearing workers at laptops, a few pensioners enjoying a hot drink.

He said: “I must have gone in the wrong door or something. This isn’t any kind of cafe I recognise.

“Yes it sells coffee, but that’s not really what a cafe’s for, is it? That’s just how you rent your space. Are those students talking? Don’t they realise there are people trying to… oh. I suppose there aren’t.

“And the looks they all gave me when I got mine out. They were no less startled than if I’d plugged in my own table lamp.

“I did spot one bloke in the corner with a laptop later, but it was some kind of strange black plastic laptop, not the proper silver kind that real workers have.

“These people don’t live lives that I can understand. I’m never going back.”