Man believes CD collection worth actual money

A 45-YEAR-OLD has confirmed plans to sell his treasured CD collection for the few hundred pounds he still believes he will get for them. 

Martin Bishop has been buying CDs since the early 90s but has packed them up to sell before the market realises that they are completely unnecessary. 

He said: “You’ve got to stay ahead of the pack. These might have sentimental value for me, but there’s no point storing them in the garage when they could be netting me close to four figures. 

“The time to cash in is now. In a couple of years everyone will be doing it and you won’t be able to give them away. I’m not getting my fingers burnt again like I did with my VHS. 

“Fiver a CD would net me more than two grand, but I don’t reckon I’ll get that. Still I’ll be happy with £600 or so.” 

Following the refusal of any second-hand shops to even make him a cash offer, Bishop will return home, replace the CDs on his shelf and pretend the whole thing never happened.