Tuesday, 11th May 2021

'Oops, did our advert piss off dickheads?' asks razor blade company

A RAZOR blade company has expressed surprise that its latest advert has pissed off a lot of dickheads.

In a stunning development, the company’s latest campaign – which calls on the #MeToo movement to tell men to be ‘the best they can be’ by not being dreadful - resulted in a totally unexpected backlash from spluttering idiots.

A company spokesman said: “We had no idea that this advert would be so effective, especially after a recent advert for vegan sausage rolls failed so spectacularly to provoke angry middle-aged men.

“Who could have predicted this reaction and the avalanche of free publicity we received from it? Certainly not our marketing department.”

Women, meanwhile, enjoyed the brief interruption in the non-stop flow of adverts telling them they are too fat, shiny, frizzy, spotty, frumpy, slutty, boring, loud, overworked or lazy.