Osborne takes seventh job in Greggs

FORMER chancellor George Osborne has taken a seventh job serving behind the counter of Greggs in Romford, it has emerged. 

Following news that Osborne, already employed as an MP, motivational speaker, Northern Powerhouse chairman, advisor, and Evening Standard editor had taken a position at the University of Manchester, Romford residents alerted the media to his seventh position.

Market trader Donna Sheridan said: “I knew I knew him from somewhere. It was the hairnet that threw me off.

“He’s there three days a week, dishing out the steak bakes, trying to up-sell meal deals and sullenly asking if you’ve got a rewards card. Doesn’t exactly stand out as a great employee, which in retrospect should have tipped me off.

“The funny thing is I’ve seen him on his break on his laptop in Costa, and I’m pretty sure he was filling out even more job applications.”

Osborne said: “I bring to Greggs the same integrity and attention to detail I bring to all my jobs, and when I quit I’ll hang around outside sneering and criticising my colleagues as they unpack the sandwiches.”