People who earn f**k-all blasted for paying no tax

LOW-EARNERS are facing criticism for making practically no contribution to taxation when compared to the extremely rich. 

Anyone earning less than £10,000 is effectively defrauding the state by paying zero income tax, according to a report from a leading think-tank.

Multi-millionaire Julian Cook said: “There are families of four paying less income tax over a decade than I pay on a drinks bill. It is an injustice.

“I’m paying corporate tax, stamp duty, capital gains tax, and council tax on no less than 16 different properties, and all they contribute is a smidgeon of VAT?

“I’m not victimising the poor. I just want them to pay their fair share.”

Security guard Wayne Hayes said: “I’m sorry, sir. I’ll try to pay more, sir.

“Please don’t remove your wealth from our economy, sir.”