Petrol set to drop to just 550 per cent of the price of oil

THE price of petrol has plunged to less than six times the price of the oil it comes from for the first time in a decade. 

Oil, which cost almost $150 a barrel back in 2008, has now dropped by 73 per cent to just $40 a barrel, meaning a price cut at the petrol pump of up to 9p a litre.

Motorist Stephen Malley said: “These savings are incredible.

“I’ve literally got an extra £5 to £7.50 in my pocket every week, which makes a significant dent in the spiralling cost of my household energy bills.

“And they say that oil may drop to only $20 a barrel in the near future, which could mean another 1p or even 2p off a litre provided I only buy petrol at supermarkets and never at rural garages or at motorway service stations.”

A spokesman for Royal Dutch Shell said: “Reluctantly, we may be forced to raise prices in order to protect our short-term profit margins, ensuring stability for consumers.

“We anticipate this won’t adversely affect sales because it’s not like anyone has any choice.”

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Trump admits even he is terrified of Trump presidency

DONALD Trump has revealed he has had nightmares about him becoming president.

The billionaire admits that deep down he realises he is not fit to be president of his own hair.

Trump said: “I’ll be honest with you folks. I’m not the sort of guy who thinks things through and that’s why you seem to like me.

“I’m just a regular guy who watches the news, gets angry and starts spouting aloud harebrained, unworkable schemes.

“Thing is, when I’m elected I’m going to have to do these things, because a Trump doesn’t back down. But I tell you, with me in charge America would probably turn into a giant, paranoid, neo-fascist gun range, and that scares me.

“Also, I could blow up the White House, with me in it, because there’s a foreigner in the building. What if I get a whiff of North African spices coming from the kitchen? I could go berserk.”

He added: “It’s like my daddy always told me – ‘Son’, he’d say, puffing on his cigar, ‘You’re an idiot’.”