Monday, 10th May 2021

Quirky start-up is based in normal office and pays its staff with money

A START-UP company is based in a normal office instead of a giant playground and is paying people a fair wage instead of free kombucha.

The food and beverage company - called Thomson Food and Beverage rather than 'YumiTumi' - is treading new ground by getting its employees to do normal stuff.

Instead of providing a rounders league, free fermented yoghurt and an office hen, the business will concentrate on providing a service for which there is a demand, getting money for it, and then giving some of that money to the people who work there.

Managing director Anne Thomson said: "We have completely individualised our workspace with grey carpet on the floors and ‘sit down’ desks.

"There is also unlimited water in the taps."

Thomson added: "Our employees do not receive obscure perks, except getting paid a competitive hourly rate in actual pounds which they can use to buy things.

"And if they want to dick about on Facebook occasionally or leave a bit early when I’m not there, I really don't care."