Ryanair cancellations ‘act of kindness in many ways’

FLIGHT cancellations mean that thousands will be spared the ordeal of travelling with Ryanair, it has emerged.

With the budget airline cancelling hundreds of flights over the coming weeks, many customers have realised that at least they won’t have to endure the horrors for which they had braced themselves.

Ryanair customer Nikki Hollis said: “I won’t miss the feeling of being crammed in like a calf on some documentary about inhumane farming methods.

“I’m a bit disappointed my flight’s off, but I suppose it’s like buying a set of kitchen knives from a 99p shop. You can’t really be surprised when they don’t do what you’d hoped.”

Would-be passenger Tom Booker said: “On one hand I wanted a cheap holiday, on the other that fanfare thing Ryanair plays when the plane lands freaks me out.

“I mean, what sort of airline congratulates itself on a safe landing?”