Ryanair to compensate passengers by never letting them fly Ryanair again

RYANAIR has agreed to compensate passengers whose flights were cancelled by banning them from flying Ryanair ever again.

Passengers owed hundreds of pounds have enthusiastically embraced the deal which they have called ‘more than we could ever have hoped for’.

Sue Traherne, from Bolton, said: “Just to know that when you browse flights that you won’t give in and pick the cheapest option because you’re actually banned gives me such peace of mind.

“They’ve circulated our names, our passport numbers and our photographs so there is absolutely no way they can go back on this. It doesn’t feel real saying this, but we’ve flown Ryanair for the last time.

“Yes we’ve lost £600, but from now on we’ll know that when we book a flight we’ll be able to board it and fly to our destination. That’s all we ever wanted.”

A Ryanair spokesman said: “There is of course a charge for not flying Ryanair. £18.99 per person.”