Sunday, 18th April 2021

Sainsbury's Christmas advert features family of arseholes to accurately reflect modern society

THE latest Sainsbury’s Christmas advert centres around a family of complete arseholes kicking off about Brexit over dinner. 

Following controversy over an advert featuring black Britons provocatively enjoying gravy, the new advert will star a family of confrontational pissheads having a massive barney over turkey and all the trimmings.

Viewer Ryan Whittaker said: “As an arsehole myself, it’s important for me to see people I can identify with. And this advert delivers big time.

“From the morning, where they’re watching Paddington 2 and the nan shouts out ‘Go back where you bloody came from!’ to the dad who demands Buck’s Fizz for lunchtime drinks because prosecco’s foreign, it was just like my own Christmases.

“I was in absolute tears when they played Fairytale of New York just so they could shout along with the offensive bits at top volume. So heartwarming.

“Honestly, from the fight over Trivial Pursuit because the dad won’t accept that Boom-a-Bang-Bang was the wrong answer to the 15-year-old son nicking Grandad’s whisky to go down the park with his mates, it was like looking in a mirror.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “This family of total bastards who love to fight and complain about everybody and everything really reflects a UK Christmas in 2020.”