Successful career built on saying vague bullshit in a convincing way

A MAN has got to the top of the corporate ladder by saying things that sound insightful but are ultimately vague, meaningless bullshit, it has emerged.

At just 37, Tom Logan is the CEO of a large media company. A position he reached by saying vague things in meetings with the confidence of a high-ranking naval officer.

A colleague of Logan’s, Susan Traherne, said: “As a junior Tom would appraise our conversations by saying things like ‘I think you’re on to something really interesting here, we just need to strip back and refocus’.

“Once I said ‘Tom which idea is best?’ and he said ‘We’ll know when we know’ and everyone said ‘he’s right’.

“I had to bite down on a chair.”

When asked if he could explain his success Logan said: “It is what it is.”