Superyacht mostly used for watching telly

A BILLIONAIRE has confirmed that his £300 million ‘superyacht’ is only used for activities that could be carried out in an average sitting room.

Julian Cook revealed the futuristic, 43m-long vessel features a kitchen with Michelin-starred chefs and a ‘salon’ with a huge marble coffee table and coasters made from original sketches by Picasso.

He said: “That’s where I like to watch Foyle’s War and eat Monster Munch.

“Occasionally I look in on the underwater viewing room, but fish are actually very boring, so I just use it to store old copies of Practical Caravan.

“I should probably host glamorous parties for A-listers, but I don’t know any. If I rang George Clooney completely out of the blue it would just seem creepy.”

Despite being able to sail anywhere in the world, Cook has never bothered to move his yacht from its south coast mooring.

He added: “It’s very handy for the Waitrose in Dibden.”