Surfer rescued after 32 hours in office job

A ‘LUCKY’ surfer has been rescued after surviving almost a full week in a soul-destroying position in an insurance office. 

Jules Cook, aged 22, was rescued on Friday lunchtime after spending a harrowing 32 hours adrift in a world actively hostile to him and his ambitions.

He said: “For the first few hours my boarding lifestyle was still in sight, but then the currents of data entry carried me away and I was lost, without a landmark anywhere.

“I clung onto the Mr Zog’s Sex Wax sticker I’d put on my monitor, but by the end of the fourth day I admit there were times I felt it would be better to die.

“When I saw that VW campervan pull up when I was walking to Pret, full of dudes telling me to sack off my bullshit job, at first I thought I was hallucinating. Then it sank in: I’d been saved.”

Cook has spent the last three days recovering in Cornwall but admits he remains traumatised by his ordeal and has difficulty sleeping in the afternoons.

He added: “I can’t even look at an office building, let alone go in one. Never again.”