Swearing no longer counts toward character limit, confirms Twitter

OBSCENE language will not be considered part of Twitter’s 140-character limit, it has been revealed.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that he will allow users to add an unlimited number of swearing-based insults, making it easier than ever to attack the life choices of someone you will never meet.

Dorsey said: “Gone are the days when you had to choose between calling someone a goatfucker and a dozy streak of piss — now you can do both.

“There’s no difference between calling someone a cock, a total cock, and a total fucking cock-headed oxygen thief.”

Internet user Stephen Malley, who Tweets under the name @fuckEUscum, said: “I used to avoid getting into discussions on Twitter, because once you’ve told a high-profile feminist to get back in the kitchen, you don’t have a lot of characters left to explain the nuance of your argument.

“I never thought I’d see the day when I could just write the word ’minge’ at Katy Perry for hours at a time, but here we are.”