Four in five couples desperate to break up with other couple

FOUR in five couples would like to end their co-dependent relationship with another couple, it has emerged.

According to new research, 42 per cent of couples do not like the man in the ‘best friend’ other couple, 62 per cent the woman and 100 per cent hated what their partners became when around them.

Tom Booker of Cwmbran said: “I don’t even remember when we met Marie and Pete. All I know is they’ve always been there.

“Every film is already booked with them, every bank holiday we have plans, you can’t get shitfaced in front of the telly on a Friday without them ‘being in the area’.

“Sometimes I have to go out just with Pete, the two of us. We spend the entire time searching for anything to say, resenting our wives’ friendship for trapping us like this.

“But then my wife insists he was my friend first.”

Pete Foster said: “Always, after an another abominable evening, there’s a moment where we all silently contemplate just letting the mess end here.

“But then someone says ‘Lovely evening, what are you doing Thursday?’ and the carousel of awkward suffering whirls on.”