Train company bosses instantly agree fares hike then wonder how to pad out rest of meeting

RAIL company bosses are wondering how to spend the rest of their meeting after instantly agreeing to hike prices.

After taking two minutes to approve the 3.4 per cent price rise, executives from Britain’s various regional train companies are now struggling to think of small talk.

Great Western Trains executive Martin Bishop said: “These biscuits are nice. They’re different to the ones we had last time.

“More chocolatey.”

There followed a brief awkward silence before Joanna Kramer of South West said: “Did anyone come here on the train this morning?

“I didn’t, because it’s a right rip off!”

Her joke was met with uproarious laughter before she quickly added: “Just joking everyone, trains are great value and ticket money is carefully re-invested into infrastructure and train petrol or whatever trains run on.

“Has anyone been watching Narcos on Netflix? It’s quite good.”