Up-itself boutique gives final warning to friendly, helpful sales assistant

A SALES assistant who does not judge her customers has been given a final warning by a pretentious clothes shop.

Jessica Thomson, who works at Wrak in west London, has been told to stop being unfailingly polite and eager to please in a bid to make people feel valued and welcome.

Shop manager Max Roberts said: “Jessica has been told repeatedly that the customer must be made to feel like a disgusting sack of meat, unworthy of our beautiful clothes.

“The confidence-crushing stress of the customer experience is essential, otherwise people might start questioning the idea of paying £300 for a skirt.”

Thomson admitted she is struggling to develop the requisite air of superiority and indifference.

She said: “I’m paid so badly that Pot Noodle is something of a luxury. I couldn’t afford this stuff if I saved up for years, so I’m in no position to judge anyone.”