We always wondered if Facebook might be profoundly evil, say people who’ve been using it for years

FACEBOOK users always had a sneaking suspicion that it would one day destroy them, they have confirmed.

After it emerged that the social media network was used by villains to harvest the minds of humanity, users said they always thought something like that might be going on.

Mother-of-two Nikki Hollis said: “When I was freely sharing the most intimate details of mine and my family’s life over the past few years, I did always wonder whether this strange and secretive tech giant really had my best interests at heart.

“The most likely explanation seemed to be that it was a power-drunk corporate behemoth that sought dominion over the planet, while ignoring the potential costs to individual freedom and the democratic processes which are the cornerstones of our civilisation.

“Still, it’s great for uploading beach pics, or the precise details of my current whereabouts and political allegiances.”

Engineer Wayne Hayes said: “Facebook cannot regulate itself, just like I cannot regulate my use of Facebook.

“I’d leave Facebook but that’s the same as being dead.”