Thursday, 15th April 2021

Woman who vowed not to shop with Amazon this Christmas cracks after three minutes

A WOMAN who promised to do her Christmas shopping at independent retailers this year has clicked ‘Buy Now’ on Amazon less than three minutes later. 

Lucy Parry lectured friends and family about the importance of supporting small local businesses, especially during this testing time, then completely reversed her position after making it to the first set of shipping costs.

Parry said: “The first small artisanal crafts website I visited already had me out of my chair and rooting around for my purse because it didn’t know every single detail about me. Which is rude.

“The thought of having to do that nineteen times already had me doubting my resolve. Card numbers are long. There’s only 16 shopping days left. I’m not sure there’s time.

“Then I was asked to pay £6.90 postage on something that was already overpriced at £11, and I closed all those windows and went on Amazon and did all my Christmas shopping in seven minutes without getting off my arse.

“I realise the importance of stopping the world being run by a tech trillionaire who wants to put a robot spy in everyone’s house, but come on. It’s just such an inconvenience otherwise.

“I’ll shop local next year if there’s still a high street.”