Worker unwittingly uses ‘Jenny’s special mug’

AN OFFICER worker who unwittingly used a forbidden ‘special mug’ is now doomed.

Marketing assistant Emma Bradford, who has only been with her employer for a fortnight, made a cup of tea using what appeared to be an unremarkable green receptacle.

However ‘Jenny’s special mug’ is seen as a kind of holy grail by its owner, and treated with a mixture of fear and awe by other staff members.

She said: “There was no label on it or anything, and it was just in the kitchen cupboard with a load of other random mugs. I assumed the mug was part of a shared ‘mug and cup pool’ that everyone could use on a casual basis.

“I’m so, so sorry.”

Co-worker Stephen Malley said: “No one’s actually sure who Jenny is but she sends very moody emails about her mug, and it is rumoured that if you use it you will die within six weeks.”

Team leader Nikki Hollis said: “She used Jenny’s special mug? That’s a pity. I thought she had potential.”

However it has since emerged that every mug in the cupboard is somebody’s ‘special mug’ and equally sacrosanct, with the exception of a badly stained one that came free from a stationery company.